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Updated: Sep 15, 2021


Have you ever had trouble finding a process server? This is a task that many professional, and layperson’s alike have been tasked with on a daily basis. When hiring a process server there are a few things that you must take into consideration:

1.) Location

2.) Registration

3.) Price

4.) Credentials

5.) Availability

6.) Attempts

7.) Dependability

8.) Services

9.) Accreditation

10.) Testimonials

These ten elements are essential to know before paying for the services of a process server. So many people have hired part time process servers with less than adequate service, and have been disappointed once at the courthouse. Create a checklist and list of questions to ask your process server before making the decision to entrust them with your sensitive legal documents. This article will help you make your decision and be confident in the process server you choose.

1. Location

Most Process Servers estimate their prices based on the distance, or mileage associated with completing the serve. Make sure that while looking for a process server to choose one that is within a close proximity to the person that you want served. Look up the person’s address and find someone within a comfortable distance. This may or may not ensure a smooth serve, but will likely provide you a process server that is familiar with the area, and hopefully more inclined to complete your serve faster.

2. Registration

Make sure that the process server you hire is registered and bonded with the clerk in your county. I cannot stress enough the importance of making sure that the process server you hire is registered and bonded. This will prevent any disputes on service in the future. You could easily find anyone over age eighteen to serve your documents, but this would lead to additional questions, and could possibly interrupt your trial. When you hire a registered process server this alleviates all doubt that process was served making for a smooth court date.

3. Price

The standard price for a process server is between $20 - $100. Part time process servers with little experience may charge you as little as $20, while more seasoned and experienced process servers may charge up to $100 for service. Prices depend on several factors, but the perfect price for service in my opinion would be between $50 - $80. Anymore than this price is unreasonable, and services should be evaluated to further understand the services offered.

4. Credentials

Books have long been the best teacher of many different types of jobs, and professions. A process server armed with any type of knowledge of the court system is a plus, but you should know as a consumer how knowledgeable the process server is before hiring. This is essential to making sure that your service is handled correctly. I have heard of instances of process servers serving a defendant without checking first if there was a registered agent for process, or claim to have served a party and did not make an attempt at al. This may not constitute as a proper serve. You can never ask too many questions when dealing with your confidential legal documents. Make sure that the person you hire understands what your case consist of, and the proper way to go about handling your service.

5. Availability

This is one of the single most important factors to consider when hiring a process server. You would hate to find the perfect process server, pay a fee, and not be able to contact them for status updates or questions. This is not considered adequate service. Many people have made the mistake of paying a process server and wondering was this a scam! Protect yourself and make sure that you know this person will be available anytime you need them. Check to see what days, hours, and times you may contact your process server before going through with the hiring process.

6. Attempts

The average process server will make three attempts before completing your service. According to state law, two to three attempts constitutes as showing due diligence. Most will not complete more than three attempts, but always confirm with your process server how many attempts they offer, and if more, how much additional charge per attempt. The fourth attempt could be the charm.

7. Dependability

This means, will the process server do what he promised you! Unfortunately many of us need documents served urgently without questioning the person hired to complete the task. This adds extra stress to an already stressful situation. Do your research and consider the dependability of your process server before hiring. You would hate to jeopardize your own case by trusting an undependable process server. Set clear expectations and make sure to emphasize any deadlines before agreeing to service.

8. Services

Check with your potential process server for a full explanation on the services offered. Routine serves are a must, but find out whether the server offers skip tracing, stakeout services, court filing, or document retrieval. This will ensure that you hire a process server who can handle every aspect of service for you. All proof of services, declarations, and affidavits must be filed with the proper court. Make sure that your server knows the proper jurisdiction, and how to handle filing your documents if needed. The Sheriff department is very limited in the amount of effort involved with process service due to the high volume of work, so make sure that your server will do the exact opposite.

9. Accreditation

Some businesses have received accreditation for superior customer service, and dependability. Make sure that you choose a process server who has some type of state/national accreditation to back them up. You are taking a serious gamble if your process server is not registered, bonded, and accredited. This will ensure that you find a professional process server who is dedicated to serving legal process, and can be trusted. The “Better Business Bureau”, is one of the top accreditation's to look for when hiring a dependable, accredited process server.

10. Testimonials

Usually if someone refers you to a process server then they can vouch for this person from experience. Ask questions, and find out whether you would be interested based on the information given. Reviews are a great way to evaluate a process server before hiring. Do as much research as you can in order to decide on the perfect process server for you.

Now that you know what to look for in a process server, create a checklist including questions, and take this knowledge with you to a reliable search engine such as google, yahoo, yelp, or yellow pages. These sites are very dependable when searching for a reliable process server. It is also equally important to compare prices, services, and location of several process servers in your area before making your final decision. At “Kool Docs Preferable Process Servers”, we offer all 10 of the essential elements of the perfect process server. If you are in need of a process server in the Long Beach, CA area contact us today via call, text, or email for an immediate response. We guarantee availability, superior customer service, and budget friendly prices.

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